Why you should wear cologne every day

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Why you should wear cologne every day

Scent is a powerful thing, it can associate itself with memories, first impressions and life events.  Axe will forever be the scent of teenage boys and exam stress and the smell of patchouli makes me think of the first time I listened to Nirvana’s Nevermind album. My father would only ever apply his cologne for weddings and funerals and whenever I catch the subtle notes of Old Spice I am transported to the feeling of manic stress associated with getting a family of five dressed up and out the door on time. 

Scientists have found humans associate memory more strongly with smells than with words. So it's important to consider the impact the way you smell has on your image.

Some people save their cologne for special occasions but they may be missing an opportunity. The scent you choose will project a message to everyone around you.  If you always smell sharp and fresh for work, people will associate you with those attributes. When you spray a masculine and sensual scent every day, your partner will associate you with that smell and the emotions it evokes. 

Scent with purpose

Wearing scent is just as important as choosing a wardrobe to project who you are as a person and your objectives. Wearing a sophisticated scent that stays with you for the entire day will become just as important to your image as your well-cut suit and buffed shoes. Every time you head out the door, select a scent that will reinforce the image you want for yourself. A scent that makes you feel expensive and special will make others see you that way too. The way you are feeling translates into your actions, so you may find a cologne that makes you feel refined, elegant and expensive, will make you sit up straighter, focus more and be the man in the room that people notice. 

Pair your cologne with your life

A man should have several colognes for several purposes, a cologne for work during summer, a cologne for work during winter, a cologne for wooing your partner and a scent for those days you need something a little extra special to motivate you. Buy a high quality cologne for your wedding so you can relive that special day every anniversary or romantic moment for years to come.

How to choose a cologne for everyday wear.

Take the time to try out a variety of scents, apply the cologne to your wrist and allow it to settle onto your skin. Smell once it has settled, but also check the scent after an hour or so and again later in the day. When you have decided you like the cologne, imagine how it will make you feel. If it makes you feel good, if it makes you feel strong, if it makes you feel sexy - it’s a good selection. If your partner compliments it, it's an even better selection.


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