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6 tips for wearing your cologne

by Sarah Irwin November 07, 2019

6 tips for wearing your cologne

1. Start with good hygiene. 

Your cologne is not a cover for a hard day’s work nor is it a replacement for the basic hygiene required to avoid being stinky. Ensure you wash your body thoroughly, paying attention to your pits, behind your neck and everywhere under your jocks. Another bonus of adding cologne after a shower is that your body will be free from other scents and the warm water opens pores, which helps the scent absorb. Completely dry your skin and then spray.

2. Where you apply your cologne matters.

We recommend adding cologne to the heated areas of your body such as your neck, chest, pulse points, forearms or inner elbows. The old fashioned idea of spraying your cologne into the air and walking into it is just wasteful; apply directly to your skin (ensure the cologne is sprayed far enough away from clothing not to leave a mark). Hold the spray bottle 3–6 inches from your body to ensure a good distribution of the scent.

3. How much of a good thing?

How much cologne you use is a personal decision. Some prefer a very mild smell that can be enjoyed by being very close or in an embrace, while others prefer their cologne to be detectable when they are nearby. Aim for a balanced application of 3 to 7 sprays depending on the cologne you choose. Some scents are stronger than others and some activities require more cologne than others. A night out at a club will require more sprays than a day in your workplace. A new cologne user should start with a light application and work their way up to a level of scent that works for them. We encourage asking a close friend or family member for their opinion to ensure you’re not over-applying.

4. Store your cologne correctly. 

Cologne performs best when it is stored in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. Your bathroom counter may not be the best place for your cologne collection, consider storing your collection in your wardrobe or bookcase. 

5. Layering your scent.

Choose a variety of products that compliment your cologne. Start with a low scented deodorant, select a high quality scented aftershave and grooming oil, followed by the final touch of your cologne. If you are layering your scents, you need less of a cologne application. 

6. Different scents for different versions of you.

Different scent profiles work for different people and different scenarios. Select a cologne that is for work, a cologne for going out, a cologne for romance or working out at the gym. Some people even wear cologne to bed. There are a variety of ways you can wear cologne every day to enhance how you feel and the person you present to the world.

Sarah Irwin
Sarah Irwin


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