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The Barberry Coast Journey

Ever had one of those mornings that just makes you cringe? You wake at 6 am, slap your alarm, crawl out of bed to another copy/paste day. You already know how it goes. Shower, shave, rush out the door. Fight traffic on your way to 8 hours of work.

Day after day. You just get swept up in it all. It’s like you only catch glimpses of life as it passes you by. Others live your fantasy, or, at least seem to find time for themselves. But just get to watch. Like a leaf tossed in a storm -- another brick in the wall counting seconds ‘til the long hand strikes five.

And the worst part? You can’t stop. Food don’t put itself on the table. Bills don’t disappear. You have responsibilities. You know this. Rush around. Go to work. Provide. This is what it means to be a man.

But does that mean you have to give up life? Does it mean you shouldn’t have time for yourself or to remember who you are? You are not just a number stamped on paper.

You are someone…

Funny thing happens when you fly through life at 100 miss things. Simple joys you forgot or never knew were there. Things like your daughter’s smile when she dances in the bubbles or your son’s pride after besting the other team. The smell of rain just before it pours or how it feels when sunlight hits your face.

I don’t know if you know this, but your skin isn’t supposed to feel itchy, bumpy, or irritated after you shave. It happens when you speed through because you’re in a hurry. It happens when you use mass market shave creams because you don’t have time.

It used to happen to me too. No time. No freedom. No identity. I never slowed down or let myself enjoy the simple things and ultimately, I suffered. But one day a question popped in my mind and it changed the direction of my entire life.

Will I ever have time if I never make time?

My grandfather made time. My father made it too. Time to remember. Time for themselves. Maybe it wasn’t much, but it was something. A moment carved out just for them. And that’s what I wanted, to recapture that moment. To reclaim a small part of my identity and remember what it means to be alive.

One day it hit me. Like a purse with a brick swung by a lady on the street. A way to take back that moment and reignite my sense of self. The world may not afford more time, but as a man, I would command just that. I’d build my legacy by redefining masculinity and reviving old school shave routines.

And it wouldn’t be easy. I’d face countless setbacks. Worries, fears, doubts...and perhaps, the most formidable challenge of all, convincing my wife to join this little charade.

Took four months of testing to make a hint of progress. Long nights, red eyes, loads of trial and error. Batch by batch, we cured boatloads of aftershave. Would anyone care? Didn’t know, but I was set for a while.

Ultimately, our efforts to create a better, natural alternative, paid off. It took 28 iterations before we found it. A formula so perfect I almost shed a tear. My wife loved the scent, and it outperformed every other batch, leaving my skin moisturized and clean.

Charged with nostalgia for old school barbershops and grandpa’s shave routine, we called it, Bay Rum Aftershave No. 28.

Barberry Coast™ Bay Rum Aftershave No. 28 is formulated from the finest, purest ingredients, and careful processes to ensure a total harmony of natural oils, extracts and absolutes. The result, a superior shave that infuses skin with a refreshing, moisturized tone.

A lot of time went into our legacy. It was worth it. Not only does it have an old world reminiscence, but Bay Rum Aftershave No. 28 gives you real reasons to relax and slow down. Just like your father and grandfather used to do...a moment just for you.

Today Barberry Coast is still a small, family-owned business, though we’ve moved to a professional location that allows us to produce larger batches for you.

Our products are sourced from THE BEST natural ingredients from THE BEST places on earth. NEVER synthetic chemicals or fragrances. We refuse to use artificial ingredients.

Here we do business the old way, we treat customers right. Not only do you deserve the absolute best, you deserve a genuinely healthy experience you can enjoy. Yes, synthetics are cheaper, but it was never about the cost.

It’s quality that smells great and treats your body right, and more importantly, it’s a small gesture of masculinity for you to call your own. That’s not my opinion. Barberry Coast is tested by you -- weighed, measured, and found wanting.

We knew there would be a market for a high-quality aftershave that not only smelled great but was actually good for your skin and the market has confirmed that as our bay rum aftershave is our number one best seller.

And for that reason, we've expanded into other lines while sticking to our ethos:

5 signature scents: Bay Rum, Havana, Himalayan Ascent, Lavender Royale and Kohana - Unscented
Aftershave Splashes
Aftershave Balms/Lotions
Rich Lather Shave Soaps
High-performance Shave Creams
Maximum-Glide Pre-shave Oils
High-powered Exfoliating Face Scrubs
More exciting products coming soon.

 Barberry Coast products are made right here in the USA and come with an Unconditional Lifetime Money Back Guarantee. It’s the way our forefathers did it and it’s the right thing to do.

For too long we’ve rushed around. Missed life and forgot who we are. We’ve made compromises. Bit by bit, we’ve exchanged our time and identity for slips of paper.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can have a moment. Your freedom awaits. You can reclaim your masculinity and your time.

But just like I did, you have to choose to take it.

The question is, do you have it in you?


Allen has a great love and passion for traditional wet shaving. A number of years ago a spark of nostalgia lit an inferno of memories of the “glory days” of childhood barbershop visits and his father’s daily grooming routine. He longed to personally identify with this great tradition and began his own journey into this relaxing and fulfilling ritual. Today he brings those memories and that journey back to you. 

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875 reviews
Great shave soap, classic scent

This was the 1st shave soap I bought from Barberry Coast, and I have been hooked ever since. Classic bay rum scent, build a thick leather that gives a smooth, clean shave. I have since purchased all of their shave soap scents. A great company that has wonderful products and customer service. Highly recommended.

More than I expected

I had gotten the aftershave sample pack to make my choice. Settling on the Bay Rum, decided to go the distance. Not disappointed. There seems to be a little more alcohol sting than in the sample bottle, which I fully appreciate. This is going to be my Sunday aftershave...

Love it! As good as Royall Bay Rhum.


This smells very nice not feminine at all.

Excellent product and great buying experience. Will definitely buy again