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Bay Rum Aftershave Balm

My hubby loved his Bay Rum Aftershave Balm

Great Products!

The Bay Rum shaving cream smells so good. It reminds me of my grandfather. Using it really changes the shaving experience!

Excellent product!

This particular version of Bay Rum is a little different from all the others I have tried over the years. It is, however, right up there and I would definitely buy it again.

Himalayan Ascent Cologne

I love the products from Barberry Coast Shave Company and this cologne is no exception. The scent is of Indian Cedar, and Himalayan Blue Pine, cashmere musk, Indian Amber and mandarin. A warm woodsy scent that lasts for hours. I have received many compliments from people when wearing it.

Smells so great

Smell is really good but not strong. Good products!


I have always been a woodsy scent guy, so the thought of a smoky Havana nightclub scent definitely interested me. My wife was intrigued, and i was complimented by co-workers. The scent lasted awhile. The balm left my face smooth after shaving, and helped to soothe the minor irritation I usually get after shaving.

Bay Rum Aftershave - Good Stuff

It smells good and it doesn't cause my wife to experience any allergic reactions. It is good stuff !

Bay Rum aftershave

Love the scent, wish it lased longer. Will probably have to order the cologne. Got the Havana cologne, it's great. Want to try the Himalayan Ascent, too.

The scent of a man

Love this stuff. After a few days of using it, I purchased the cologne as well. GREAT PRODUCTS!

Best face splash ever!

In a world of non sexed uniformity and wussy's, it's nice to have a smell of "0 f*cks given", I roll my own way!
Fight the system and forget the norm.


Kohana Unscented Pre-Shave Oil


Lavender Royale Aftershave Balm

Shave Cream

It doesn't get better than this . Great product !

Another Great Product.

They always work and always smell great.

Great scent.

Great scent with nice blend of the tobacco and vanilla bean. The vanilla scent is the most prominent. Lathers well with a brush and provides a smooth shave. After a weeks use I liked it so much I ordered some of the aftershave splash too.

Terrific Product!

This was a great addition to my after shave collection. Nice traditional scent and it is long lasting as well.

Very pleasing, I’d buy again!

The scent is Very close to the Havana shave cream and aftershave. It is stronger and lasts longer. A little goes a long way. To make it perfect, I would back off a little on the tobacco scent or increase the other flavors.

Powerful Stuff !!

My first experience with this product, feels good going on and working, leaves a strong residual fragrance which my wife found very pleasant, stung a bit so those with sensitive skin might find it a bit strong. I am not so sure about the container/dispenser and getting it all out (like all these face scrub products). Nevertheless I will definitely be buying again.

Far superior to other shave creams I've used.

For the last several years I've used E-shave and Jack Black shaving creams, alternating for variety. However, I used my newly-purchased Barberry Coast Havana for the first time yesterday. This is the creamiest and most luxurious shave cream I've ever used. It covers so much better than the previously mentioned brands with far less product needed on my brush. Feels fantastic post-shave!

Excellent new product

Just arrived, packaging was particularly outstanding - thank you - and the products made the journey to New Zealand in excellent condition. The EDP is very good, rich but clean, with excellent lasting qualities. Its the height of summer here and it has stood up well during the day without any of the ingredients drifting "Off message" !! All in all I am very happy. Thanks Allen.

Bald Guy

I just tried this balm and even though it is not my favorite perfume, my skin is smooth and fresh after shaving. I definitely recommend this product for sensitive skin. And that does not give a greasy look to the face.

Havana Shaving Cream

Great shaving cream. Very smooth and close shave.


Kohana Unscented Shave Cream


My husband used this 20 years ago. We have searched for this for years. No one carried balm which is what he wears. I have always told him it was the aftershave he wore that attracted me to him. He was shocked on Valentines Day to open it up.

Great scent

This is a great swell just like the aftershave and last longer. Give it a shot lots of compliments of been thrown my way

Natural Bay Rum

I purchased this for my husband after he purchased another brand for 50.00.
First time he put it on I went into coughing spasms and he flushed it down the toilet. So I set out find one that had natural based ingredients .
Love it. No coughing spasms.
Loving the soft natural long lasting scent

Excellent product

This is my 3rd time to buy Barberry Coast Shave Cream and its absolutely wonderful.

Great as always

Smells great and works great on my sensitive skin.

Great aftershaves!

I love all of these scents, but the Havana is my absolute favorite!

Great products with top notch scents

A decent mix of most of their aftershaves. Looking forward to having a long relationship with these guys... their bay rum is top notch. Hopefully they expand into body soaps...!!

Just buy it

A lovely aftershave with a handsome and refreshing scent that’s pleasant on the skin and leaves you wanting more. I’ll defiitely be looking at buying the cologne.
As usual, international shipping was super quick.
If you've ever looked at this aftershave and wondered, just buy it.
You won’t be disappointed.

Best shaving product for migraines

I struggled for the longest time to find shaving products that would not trigger/amplify my migraines and the kohana product line does just that! I've even mentioned it to my neurologist so that she may shared it with her other male pentients.
Awesome product, clean shave no more headaches after shaving thank you!


Himalayan Ascent Cologne - EDP Exclusive

Very happy with it

Very happy with it. A asset to the well manicured young man and cultured gentlemen. Metered splash bottle allows controlled dispensing so there is no waste. It goes on moderately and simmers down to a lingering pleasant after scent. Has a great attribute in that it doesn't advertise itself 50 feet before you arrive, rather has that sophisticated aura that does not overwhelm but encourages people around you to appreciate it as well. Will buy again. Well packaged, fast arrival.

Five Stars

Awesome product!

Bay Rum Aftershave No. 28

Great product, nice refreshing aroma.true quality aftershave, my new all around favorite.

Five Stars

Smells awesome!


Havana Cologne - EDP Exclusive

A Bay Rum worth the price at about 30-33 for 4oz

Used Bay Rum all of my life. Burt's Bee Bay Rum was the best, but unfortunately they stopped making it many years ago. I have tried about ten other Bay Rum's and this Bay Rum Aftershave by Shave comes the closest to Burt's Bee Bay Rum I have found. It is not cheap, but it is worth the price if you like Bay Rum.


Great after shave. The fragrance is just right. Very happy with Barberry Coast products. Definitely recommend each and every one.

Great Product

Use this aftershave balm on both my face and head after shaving.

Himalayan Ascent

Great cologne. This is a quality company. Fast shipping and I have never been disappointed with their products, and I have purchased a number of them.

Fascinating scent.

The Havana balm is a good addition to the shave cream, and of the same high quality. A quick spray of the new cologne, and you will smell good all day.

High Quality; Very Pleasant

Very rich lather stretches out nicely, lubricates and conditions well; enjoyable scent. Fine product.

Very masculine scent

I have received several compliments for this cologne. Not overly sweet like so many cologne today.

Trying it now

Was hopeful it would help with the flyaway of a longtime beard and seems to be working, albeit slowly. Like the smell a lot - reminiscent fo barbershops of the past.

Very nice clean and complex scent

A complex woodsy scent, with pleasant citrus notes on the finish. A little bit seems to go a long way. Pleasant alcohol burn helps soothe the small micro cuts that you can't see, doesn't seem to dry out the skin as much. Will probably follow up with the same scent lotion now that the weather is getting colder to rehydrate.

Five Stars

Quality product for men

Xmas gift

Bought this for my son for Christmas I know he will love it because he keeps using his Dads so I thought it was time to get him his own.