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H@VANA Aftershave Splash
mike (Auckland, NZ)

OMG this stuff is soooo sexy. open the lid and there is a strong smell of vanilla. Even coconut and mint and lime, like a mojito, it smells exactly like Havana. Not that I've ever been there.
Leave it on for a bit and the initial smells disappear leaving a beautiful, powdery smell that makes you feel like a playah.
If you want to smell sexy and classy and festive, this is the one you want.

Very classy ,not sickly or cheap, perfect for warm, balmy, romantic nights, like Havana.
Oh yeah the balm is AMAZING. Soothes better than anything else.

There was a bit of a delay in receiving this product, as I live on the other side of the planet, when it finally arrived I said "This better be worth the wait"

I've tried many balms and this one tops the list.
Thanks Barberry coast, a fantastic product.

Finca Vigía Bold Extrait de Parfum
Steven Resler (Albany, US)
Finca Vigia Bold stands up

I’ve been wearing standard Finca Vigia (and what’s left of the original Hemingway Signature) almost every day for several months. I recently added Finca Vigia Bold, and it stands up and out as my favorite personal frangrance. It hadls replaced some pretty tough competition.

Thank you, Barberry, for keeping the frangrance around.

Aftershave Tonic - Finca Vigía
Bernie Fitzsimons (Eclectic, US)
Great aftershave!

I'm a repeat customer and will be buying more when I run out. This is my fave; not overpowering. Subtle!

Grooming Oil - Beard & Preshave - Finca Vigía
Paul Dolce (Fort Collins, US)
Love it!

It’s great, it does what it’s supposed to do.

FUMÉ Eau de Parfum Cologne
Matthew Gaudy (Columbus, US)

This is their best imo

FUMÉ Eau de Parfum Cologne
Claudell Conway (Chicago, US)

It smells fantastic


I have tried many EDP’s and to put it bluntly this one does not disappoint! You don’t know me but I’m a connoisseur of fine fragrances and when I tell you women will love this on you rather it be your wife, girlfriend or just a stranger passing by. Keep going strong Barberry Coast, I’ve moved my complete grooming routine to your side and others should do the same!

Return customer. New scent.

OMG! I'm floored...this scent is so good. Love the roll-on application as well.

Age Defense & Renewal Crème
Marvin Fontenot (Humble, US)

I never give reviews, but this cream is worthy of A+
Completely satisfied how fast it works.

This oil works and everyone in my family notice my facial complexion removing the aging spots.

Finca Vigía Eau de Parfum Cologne
Ed Blitch (Bullhead City, US)
Long time user

Exactly the fragrance I was looking for.

Oud Black Eau de Parfum Cologne
J.J. (Horseshoe Bay, US)

I was reluctant to try this but the reviews were really good so I decided to purchase it ,
It smells good but not great , fantastic or out of this world. The scent is not very strong and after about 1/2 an hr to an hour, The fragrance is gone .

H@VANA Aftershave Splash
Tracy Felton (Zanesville, US)
Havana good

I liked it enough I just bought Bay Rum aftershave,Havana splash,Finca Vigia after shave tonic,Himilayan accent after shave for my son in law because he just started todo his own grooming and I thought he might like it. He is only a few minutes from the company in Scottsdale.I just wished you had the Kingston aftershave in stock so i could try it and he could try it .So far I like the Finca Vigia myself so does my wife thank you for making such a good product.

Finca Vigía Eau de Parfum Cologne
Rami bakshi (Netanya, IL)
Very high quality products

Barberry coast There are great quality products that I return to again and again. They also have very high quality customer service and the purchasing experience with them is great

Finca Vigía Bold Extrait de Parfum
Jeron Smith (St Louis, US)
Even Men Wondered

...what I was wearing, I smelled that great! Enough said.

Supreme Shave Cream - Finca Vigía
James C (Houston, US)
Simply the best shave cream in the world!!

I have used this scent previously under the old name and it is simply the best shave cream in the world. I had tried a few other brands once I ran out and this was out of stock but nothing works as good as this done. Just a bit on the tip of a wet shaving brush and you have tons of lather. Gives you a nice, close shave with no irritation and leaves your face soft and smelling great. I even think this smells stronger than it did under the old name which is a plus for me. Thanks again Allen and Tina for another wonderful product. I'm a customer for life!!

Souks of Morocco Eau de Parfum Cologne
Satisfied customer (Liverpool, US)
Souks of Morocco

I purchased it because of the note breakdown. I knew I would like it because of those notes. I was correct. It is a nice fall and winter scent that will probably get some wear during the colder cweather. You did a great job with this one. Thank you.

Bay Rum Eau de Parfum Cologne
Jason M (Denver, US)
Sexy pirate

That’s what my wife calls it. What else do you need to hear?!

H@VANA Eau de Parfum Cologne
John Willard (Hamptonville, US)
Excellent Fragrance

I love the nostalgic aroma of this Cologne! Best of all, my wife loves it !!!

Bay Rum Aftershave No. 28
P.S. (Lebanon, US)
A Classic Fragrance Perfectly Executed

There isn't much to say beyond the title of my review. The spicy notes, the fresh classic bay rum, this after shave is perfectly balanced and the fragrance is strong enough to last without being overwhelming. Can't ask for much else.

Supreme Shave Cream - Finca Vigía
Michael Ray (Nashville, US)
Outstanding shave cream!

The Finca Vigia shave cream is an outstanding product, and paired with the aftershave tonic, is an invigorating way to start the day. An absolute must for serious wet shavers as it has superior coverage and slickness, and two passes was all I needed. Additionally a very complex scent, and made in the USA to boot! I believe Mr. Hemingway would be honored to have this product named after his beloved home.

Nature Isle Eau de Parfum Cologne
Bryan Frazier (Fresno, US)
Love it

I got my bottle of Nature Isle about a week ago and really love the scent. This is my fifth cologne from Barberry and it’s fitting nicely in my rotation.

Nature Isle Eau de Parfum Cologne
Tony S. (Springfield, US)
Nature Isle is fantastic!

Incredibly unique scent! Absolutely love it! Longevity is decent, not as good as Finca Vigía but still pretty good. But it today, you won’t be disappointed if you like the clean, barber shop type of scents.

Great Stuff!

I am really glad to learn that the Finca Vigía Eau de Parfum Cologne is the same as the Hemingway Signature Collection. I was running low of the Hemingway and started looking for more, only to find it was no longer made. After searching way too long, I finally found the exact replacement.

The earthy scents are far more appealing than those of the big name brands for those of us that like more natural fragrances.

Some may think the price is too expensive, but that's subjective. At full retail of $80, a two ounce bottle has lasted me going on a year, and I use it nearly everyday. I'm looking at around 20 cents a day or less using 2-3 spritzes. Most of us spend way more on other things that don't last as long and don't bring the nice compliments from the women.

The Best

Nothing compares. My family has “not cared for” anything I’ve ever worn, until this . . .