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H@VANA Aftershave Splash
Eric Spitz (Holbrook, US)

Smells great

Bay Rum Aftershave No. 28
James Rowland (Chicago, US)
Love it!!!!!

This is among my favorite bay rum scents. It also seems to have the perfect amount of burn. Not crazy but a good brisk pleasant burn on application

IGNITE Eau de Parfum Cologne
Matthew Gaudy (Natrona Heights, US)
Fantastic cologne

I got fume and ignite and I love them both. Fantastic fragrance I may grab another bottle before they run out!

Shipping Protection
Guido Iovinella (Albany, US)
My go to products

What can I say. Every since I discovered your products they are the only thing I use. The fact that your products are vegan friendly is a big plus. A couple of my clients have their husbands using the Bold cologne.

H@VANA Aftershave Balm Lotion
Bob Mohr (Detroit, US)
Havana aftershave.. balm.

Five star rating. Saddle and beautiful fragrance. My wife's favorite.

Himalayan Ascent Aftershave Splash
Lou Colzani (Lincoln, US)
Repeat customer.

I really like their products. The Ascent Splash is clean and crisp. I use the entire Ascent line and several of Barberry Coast's other products too. Their shave cream is better than others and I've tried most of them. And to top it all off, my wife really likes them too and that's good enough for me. I wholeheartedly recommend this really nice family business with fab products.

Finca Vigía Aftershave Lotion
D Glass (Dallas, US)
Finca Vigia review

The scent is just not appealing to me. But the formula is the same as the other aftershave lotions. That means it leaves your face feeling silky smooth.
The discontinued Kingston is the best scent of Barberry Coast.

Hi there! Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. We're sorry to hear that the scent didn't appeal to you, but we're glad to hear that you've found the Kingston scent to be the best of Barberry Coast. Everyone's taste is different, and it's great to hear your feedback so that we can continue to improve our products and offer a variety of scents for all preferences. We hope you have a fantastic day!

St. Lucia Eau de Parfum Cologne
Brian G (Washington, US)
Nice Islandy Scent

Great vacation scent that stays with you. Truly enjoy

Free Cologne Sample
Aharon Cherney (Cassville, US)

Free Cologne Sample

Bay Rum Aftershave No. 28
Stephen H Love (North Richland Hills, US)
Great Service

Easy to Order
Fast Delivery
It does not get any better than that!

Body Wash - Head to Toe
Chase H. (Odessa, US)
Havana Body Wash

The body wash is really nice, lathers and rinses clean with a strong fragrance level. I will be trying out other scents as well!!

FUMÉ Eau de Parfum Cologne
Rick B. (Estes Park, US)
Great scent and seems to last

Love the scent, and love that this one seems to last a while. Previous Barberry Coast EDPs I’ve tried did not have the staying power I would have liked, but Fumé seems be much better. It smells great and I still pick up hints of it hours later. Definitely recommend.

Finca Vigía Eau de Parfum Cologne
Jeffrey Schroll (St Louis, US)
Simply, The Best Scent.

I love this product. It is an amazingly manly fragrance, nothing else like this on the market.5☆ rating!

Finca Vigía Eau de Parfum Cologne
Elizabeth H. (Spring, US)
My Favirite Masculine Scent

I bought this for my husband after smelling it. It is SO very masculine and sexy. Thank goodness I've found the new name. I do NOT want him to ever run out!

Supreme Shave Cream - Bay Rum
Chase H. (Odessa, US)
Bay Rum Shaving Cream

I've used several different shaving creams and soaps, from AOS, Col conk, proraso, taylor of bond st, and others. This is the best one I used so far, scent is really nice as well. Highly recommend giving this one a try!!

Conditioner for Hair & Beard
Marvin Fontenot (Humble, US)

All the different products I’ve purchased fits perfectly with me. Hair with body, people asking what cologne I have on.

H@VANA Eau de Parfum Cologne
darren d. (Hagerstown, US)

Fast shipping!
Havana is my favorite scent. I've used for a couple years and get compliments all the time!

Souks of Morocco Eau de Parfum Cologne
Barry E Blocher (Ashland, US)
Smells great.

Haven't used it yet.

H@VANA Aftershave Splash
mike (Auckland, NZ)

OMG this stuff is soooo sexy. open the lid and there is a strong smell of vanilla. Even coconut and mint and lime, like a mojito, it smells exactly like Havana. Not that I've ever been there.
Leave it on for a bit and the initial smells disappear leaving a beautiful, powdery smell that makes you feel like a playah.
If you want to smell sexy and classy and festive, this is the one you want.

Very classy ,not sickly or cheap, perfect for warm, balmy, romantic nights, like Havana.
Oh yeah the balm is AMAZING. Soothes better than anything else.

There was a bit of a delay in receiving this product, as I live on the other side of the planet, when it finally arrived I said "This better be worth the wait"

I've tried many balms and this one tops the list.
Thanks Barberry coast, a fantastic product.

Finca Vigía Bold Extrait de Parfum
Steven Resler (Albany, US)
Finca Vigia Bold stands up

I’ve been wearing standard Finca Vigia (and what’s left of the original Hemingway Signature) almost every day for several months. I recently added Finca Vigia Bold, and it stands up and out as my favorite personal frangrance. It hadls replaced some pretty tough competition.

Thank you, Barberry, for keeping the frangrance around.

Finca Vigía Aftershave Tonic
Bernie F. (Eclectic, US)
Great aftershave!

I'm a repeat customer and will be buying more when I run out. This is my fave; not overpowering. Subtle!

Grooming Oil - Beard & Preshave - Finca Vigía
Paul Dolce (Fort Collins, US)
Love it!

It’s great, it does what it’s supposed to do.

FUMÉ Eau de Parfum Cologne
Matthew Gaudy (Columbus, US)

This is their best imo

FUMÉ Eau de Parfum Cologne
Claudell Conway (Chicago, US)

It smells fantastic


I have tried many EDP’s and to put it bluntly this one does not disappoint! You don’t know me but I’m a connoisseur of fine fragrances and when I tell you women will love this on you rather it be your wife, girlfriend or just a stranger passing by. Keep going strong Barberry Coast, I’ve moved my complete grooming routine to your side and others should do the same!