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Himalayan Ascent Cologne - EDP Exclusive

Lots of clove

A really nice aftershave, super fresh with just enough alcohol. It has a strong clove note, so those who don’t like clove should avoid but overall a delicious and sweet aftershave.


I want to like this product. I love the shave cream so thought I’d take ‘the next step’. It is nice and rich. Doesn’t sting or burn. So that’s a plus. The 2 negatives are what’s making me unsure if I’ll reorder the after shave. The first is the scent. It seems different than the shave, more coconutty (if that’s a word) which I’m not a big fan of. However, I can understand others might like it so that’s a mark down on Personal Preference. My second issue is mechanical and probably what will keep me from reordering is the lack of a pump dispenser. If this were a liquid it wouldn’t be a big deal. But with a lotion it feels like I’m slapping a ketchup bottle to get the product out sometimes. It’s a premium product I would think this would be a simple and relatively inexpensive fix. But that’s just me

Bay Rum Aftershave No. 28

Great product, nice refreshing aroma.true quality aftershave, my new all around favorite.

wrong stars

Wrong star rating in my review!

aftershave samples with only two aftershaves and no smell?

I got the "aftershave sample pack". The one that said:
Now available in all 5 scents!
This sample pack contains half an ounce each of all our scents in five aftershaves.

OK, well the ascent aftershave has NO scent at all. Dead, Zip, nada, The Havana "balm" is different than the shaving cream. The bayrum sample is ok. And then an "unscented" sample. Why would someone want an unscented sample when selecting "aftershave sample"?

Not too happy and a waste of $23


Havana Cologne - EDP Exclusive


Great after shave. The fragrance is just right. Very happy with Barberry Coast products. Definitely recommend each and every one.

Great Product

Use this aftershave balm on both my face and head after shaving.

Himalayan Ascent

Great cologne. This is a quality company. Fast shipping and I have never been disappointed with their products, and I have purchased a number of them.

Fascinating scent.

The Havana balm is a good addition to the shave cream, and of the same high quality. A quick spray of the new cologne, and you will smell good all day.

Pre shave poil

It works Ok. It's not as "slick" as 2 others I've used, so you need more of it. I would buy it again. Unscented oil is hard to find

High Quality; Very Pleasant

Very rich lather stretches out nicely, lubricates and conditions well; enjoyable scent. Fine product.

Very masculine scent

I have received several compliments for this cologne. Not overly sweet like so many cologne today.

Trying it now

Was hopeful it would help with the flyaway of a longtime beard and seems to be working, albeit slowly. Like the smell a lot - reminiscent fo barbershops of the past.

Sample pack

Nice trial size I got 2 shaves ( head and face) from each sample.
I liked all the scents and would purchase any in a larger size.
The after shave splashes we ok. I preferred the lotions better.
The Kohana pre-shave oil is not as " slippery" as some others I've used.
Over all good products, I will purchase again.

Xmas gift

Bought this for my son for Christmas I know he will love it because he keeps using his Dads so I thought it was time to get him his own.

Great Products

Outstanding service-I will continue to be a customer

Good Product

Overall, a good product. First things first, I love this scent. It is one of the best I have used scent wise. I did notice it takes a little more than I am used to to get a same amount of lather. I have been using another premium brand for 8 years and that shave cream comes in a 5oz container and is the same price as this 4oz container. I liked the personal note from the company and the customer service was flawless.

Not what I expected

Overwhelming fragrance with an off odor... will likely return


Excellent products

Havana smells good!

The shave cream lathered up nice, for a smooth shave. The after-shave balm moisturized and felt and smelled good!

Keep the Supreme Commander Happy

My wife was allergic to just about every after shave lotion that I tried in the past 45 years of our marriage. I got a sample package that had several of the Barberry Coast after shave products. I first bought the Bay Rum aftershave and we both liked it. When that was gone, I purchased the Himalayan Ascent aftershave. We both like it as well. I all I care about is that she likes it. She is the supreme commander and her opinion is what counts. Good job Barberry Coast!


Great scent! Will reorder.

Havana Shave cream

Applies nicely, good slickness. Scent short lived.

Love this stuff!

Great scent. Great lather. Great shave. I use a straight razor and this Havana Shave Soap helps make my shave comfortable. Repeat purchase here ...

Like it!

I have switched shaving co!

Great scent

Best cologne I have ever used.

Fine Sample of Shave Creams

Good shaving creams with excellent ingredients. I only wish that the lather they had more glide and was thicker.

Nice Soap

Very easy to build a creamy lather, and with great quality of ingredients.


Bay Rum Aftershave Balm/Lotion


BC products give me the best shave ever and are worth every dime. The aftershave is a good finish and the scent lasts a long time!

Rich smooth shave....

After years of using only one shave cream...(it's OOP now) I found this and I love it. Definitely recommend this product!

Barberry Coast Bay Rum Cologne

I love Barberry Coast shaving products. I have their rum shave soap, shave cream, after shave splash and balm. The scent is classic bay rum. I have been complimented on the fragrance many times. I ordered the cologne as soon as it was available and I am very happy with it. The scent is the same as the after shave splash but lingers much longer, most of the day. It is a gentle whiff of fragrance, not over powering but very pleasing. I will certainly purchase it again. The bottle is 100 ml or 3.3oz I will last me quite some time. I highly recommend this and the Barberry Coast Company.


Very pleasant aroma and goes on smoothly. While not overly inexpensive, it appears that the supply will last quite a while.

Balm is the best!

Very good aftershave balm. The scent could stay a bit longer....

bay rum aftershave splash

My favorite aftershave. Very soothing on the skin. Scent has a mild clove hint which I like in a bay rum. I've tried many bay rum splashes and was never quite satisfied until this one. Top shelf!

Havana aftershave splash

A nice mild splash, no burn or cooling. But my face feels very soothed and well taken care of, more like a healing effect. I like the smell too, exotic with a patchouli scent. My wife likes it too. One of my 2 go to aftershaves.

Good cologne

The Himalayan Ascent cologne is much lighter than I expected, stays with you for a couple hours..... Great scent, just needs some intensity...

Havana Cologne

Great scent. Long lasting. I've been complimented on it.


Excelent lather, promotes a close and clean shave. A stronger scent would be an improvement.

Love it

Very rich lather,feels very good on my face....Will continue to use,love the smel

Sample Pack - Eau de Parfum Cologne
Wonderful Products

Wow. I'm really loving these products. Love everyone I have ordered. In all honesty thought; I am European and have worn French and Italian colognes most of my life. The Bayberry is awesome, but gone off my flesh in a few hours. I would love for it to last (mellow out is fine) over the course of the day. The Havana does last a bit longer. All in all, lovely scents!

Very Happy with the Product

I bought the sample pack and am very happy with the product. I wet my face and only use a little bit to shave with, it works great! I'm definitely going to order the non-sample larger size, but it's hard to decide which sent I like best.


Different consistency than my previous purchases. Smells more like soap than lavender.

Sample Pack - Eau de Parfum Cologne
enjoyed the samples

I enjoyed the samples but especially enjoyed the Himalayan ascent going buy the bigger one great product has a good clean smell and not over powering scent a nice woodies smell

High quality beard oil!

Beard oil is very good. Just a few drops is all you need. Scent is nice, it softens beard hair & makes it more manageable, just wish they would develop a firm hold balm along with this excellent oil for us folks with grizzly long beards!!!

Most excellent product!

Placed an order & received it in 3 days! Love the Bay Rum aftershave lotion. Scent is very clean & masculine. Feels really nice and cool on freshly shaved skin. My wife also loved it!!!

Great Aftershave

Very pleased with the bay rum aftershave- smells great and stays on long!


Bay Rum Shave Cream