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The Hemingway line

I have been using these products exclusively for several years now. Glad they were kept even if they are no longer called Hemingway. All are superior products.

Oud Noir Eau de Parfum Cologne

Oud Noir Eau de Parfum Cologne

Finca Vigía Bold Extrait de Parfum

Bay Rum Shave Cream
Joseph Dash
Best Shave Cream Ever

Easily the best shave cream ever. I have a rigorous, daily commute to Manhattan and don't have time to fuss. A wet shave was impossible because of the time expense making lather. Not any more. This cream lathers right up and I apply it in about one minute. It also has a pleasant and light bay rum aroma that's way better than the chemical smell of commercial gels. In fact, the scent reminds me of beautiful St..John Island. This cream makes my morning shave a pleasure. Don't stop making this stuff, PLEASE!

There are many good aftershaves.

There are even some great aftershaves, even some great bay rum aftershaves. However there can only be one best and that is the #28 splash. It smells nice it has a satisfying burn and feels good.

Immediately saw results!

Used it on my feet 🦶 🦶 and was immediately impressed with this oil's performance.

Finca Bold Parfum

Absolutely love this scent. My new go to scent. Once I smelled the cologne, I had to order the shave cream, aftershave and aftershave balm

I don’t have the aftershave yet as it’s still in transit from the USA to Australia. However, I have used this product before and it’s fabulous. The only problem with Barberry Coast is they will not return emails, even after many attempts to contact them.

I owe it to Ernest Hemingway...

To be honest, it was Finca Viagía's original name "Hemingway Signature series" that caught my attention on Amazon and enticed me to buy the first 2 oz bottle of the cologne.
Since I have always felt the lure to write, it was my exposure to Hemingway's writings throughout my early years that appealed to me in such a way as to convince me that I am somehow connected with the author.
Owing to this alone, I decided to purchase the first bottle in 2017.
Since then, I have developed an affinity for the cologne to the point that it has become favorite cologne ever. You can imagine my disappointment when Amazon informed me that it was no longer available and my pleasure when i discovered that Barberry Coast had backed out of the Hemingway user contract and changed its name to Finca Viagía. Great news!
So, now you have a customer that loves this product, regardless if it's name znd why I followed up with a purchase of the 4 oz bottle, only a couple days after the 2 oz bottle... when I discovered it was the same product as before.
Thank you for this opportunity.

All-Over Body Wash
Guido Iovinella

Product has a silky feel to it. Right in line with the quality I found in all the Hemingway products.


Soothing. Not "perfumy".

Bay Rum Pre-Shave Oil
Terry Goodell
Feels great!

I didn’t expect the pre-shave oil to make much difference, but my face actually feels really good after using it. I have a really heavy beard, so I shave twice every day. I use the pre-shave oil before shaving and then the aftershave balm and my skin never gets irritated anymore. Highly recommend!

Bay Rum cologne EDP

Lasts all day. Women love it. Great MANLY scent. You won't smell like a boy.Women love the scent! I said it before, but, I want you to know!!!

Great stuff

I love it

Great stuff

I love it

Great stuff

I love it

Hemingway’s final purchase

I have been a huge fan of the Hemingway product line for quite some time. Their signature scent is one of the finest fragrances I have ever worn, always received compliments when wearing. I was saddened when I heard they were giving up the Hemingway name, but very relieved when I found out that they will still be offering the same amazing scents under a different brand. One good thing about the change…….I was able to get an incredible deal on my favorite products as they discontinue this line! To the makers of these fine products…I commend you. I wish you nothing but great success under your new brand. You’ve always got a customer in me, no matter what name you go by. Till next time!!!

Second bottle

The first bottle was thick and clear and gel like.. Unfortunately, the second bottle was thin and milky and didn't lather well. Pretty disappointing.

Recent purchase

Good rating, but not as good as it could be

I really appreciate Hemingway's team, their timeliness, their response in getting the product out and the quality of the product. The ONLY thought I had was that I was disappointed in the Oud Noir because there simply isn't enough difference between it and the original Earnest Hemingway Eau De Parfum to make me buy one over the other. Same basic and general fragrance. A note or two added, but not much more. Other that this, I appreciate all you do!

Bay Rum Aftershave No. 28