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Bay Rum Aftershave No. 28
Barry E Blocher
Great Stuff - BRA No. 28

I really like this alot. It is my dailey go to now!!

Bay Rum Cologne - EDP Exclusive

Can't get it working

How do I get the roller ball working or activated

Great Cream!

I tried this for the first time with this purchase. The slickness of the creams the best I have had in my experience, effortless glide, and an exceptionally smooth shave. The scent for me is a bit unusual. I prefer fresher scents, this is a warmer scent, very well done, but for me I would like a lighter scent.The shaving experience though is incredible!

Cool Dinky Doo

Really enjoy this cologne. The fragrance is awesome!!

Bay rum no.28

Vèry nice after shave.

Sample pack

I’m glad you have this item so I can choose which scent I like they all smell good. And they are just the right amount. Could be good gift for someone to get them into these products.

Good stuff.

I've used Barberry Coast Kohana shave cream for years. I'm allergic to most shave creams but no issues whatsoever with Kohana. Thanks for a great product.

As good as advertised.

Excellent product. Smells great. Wife loves it and that's what counts!

H@VANA Gift Set
Alexandros V.
Great shaving product

I feel the shaving cream to be very good quality as well as the aftershave products. The smell is great and my wife loves that it’s not too strong which is important due to allergies she has.

Bay Rum

Love the product and the service !!!

Excellent New Scent

I am very pleased with the scent. I wish I could get an aftershave splash with this scent.

Heavenly Scent

I bought this for my partner. He appreciates the way it makes his skin feel after shaving and we both love the fragrance.

Good sample pack

I saw a few reviews about the different scents and wanted to experience them myself. This did the trick nicely.

Cool Colonge

Excellent. Enjoyed all fragrance .

Excellent shaving cream

Super foamy, nice masculine aroma and Made in America. What's not to like?

Classic Scent

Everything was great. This is the only "clean" product I could find. Bay rum is a classic, masculine scent.

Please make this a regular!

This is what I imagine the hunter smelled like from the Jumanji movie.

This one is my absolute favorite. I have zero regrets blind purchasing this fragrance, I would repeat with confidence.

Kapalua Bay

I know that you will not post this customer review, but it is done honestly. I think I like the scent. I can barely smell it though, because I am recovering from a vaccine breakthrough COVID infection. I'm out of quarantine, and slowly regaining my sense of smell. I can smell coffee brewing!

Very Nice

Love the scent. Shipping was great, it did not take long to receive my Cologne. Great job.

Scents of times past….

Brought me back to a wonderful time in history. Could not be more pleased..

My 2nd favorite!

Huge fan of the products and the bay rum in particular, however the Havana is also on hand I find it fits me quite well!

Great products

I have been using most of BB’s products for sometime now. Very happy with all of them. Easy to order and get them in the mail very quickly.
Excellent quality of the shaving soaps and cologne.

girlfriend likes it. always has. me too

I haven’t received it

Still waiting to receive it