Customer Video Review of the Bay Rum Balm and Havana Balm Aftershaves

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Customer Video Review of the Bay Rum Balm and Havana Balm Aftershaves

Shared here with permission.

Here's a recent customer review shared here with permission. Zach has been a long time customer and fan of Barberry Coast Shave Co.

Zach's two favorite products are the Bay Rum Aftershave Balm and the Havana Aftershave Balm.

You can watch the video below and/or read the transcript of his review.


Good evening. This is Zach. What I want to do tonight was talk to you about two of my absolute favorite aftershave lotions, both of which are made by Barberry Coast shaving products. You’ve got the Havana and the bay rum aftershave lotion. Now I am a guy that shaves seven days a week and there are a couple times I even have to shave twice in one day. So I rely and need really good quality products just to keep my face in good shape and both of these are absolutely amazing for two reasons.

The first is just the quality of the product. Now I've used aftershaves in the past that when you put it on your hands or when you put it on your face, the first thing you get this is that really stringent alcohol smell, bur. If you've got any little nicks or cuts, your face feels on fire. You don't get that at all with either of these products. You get a little bit of that coolness with that aftershave lotion but you don't have that strong menthol or alcohol smell. At least that's something I appreciate about it. But it also is extremely soothing. So it's got a little bit thicker viscosity to it as far as that aftershave lotion but it is amazing as far as being able to moisturize your skin for it to really, for me keep my face soft. It keeps it in good condition for day after day shaving.

Now the second thing that I absolutely love about this is the smell, especially with the Havana, and I have to say that the Havana is my favorite. That light smell of tobacco and vanilla that's in there is incredible and the fact that the fragrance stays with me all day. I can put this on first thing in the morning and I'll come home and my wife will even comment how I still smell like I'm freshly shaved and I really love that.

So I highly recommend both of these products to you. If you're looking for a good quality product that's going to be able to last you whether it's for everyday use or just the periodic shaver, I highly recommend it. Thanks.

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