The Canuck Shaver Reviews Barberry Coast Bay Rum and Havana

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The Canuck Shaver Reviews Barberry Coast Bay Rum and Havana

Shared here with permission.

Scott, The Canuck Shaver, is one of the first people to follow us on Instagram when we joined back in 2014 and is a long time customer.

He graciously grabbed his camera to video a detailed review of our Bay Rum Aftershave No. 28 Splash and our Havana Balm/Lotion.

You can watch his video review and/or read the transcript of that review below.


What's up everybody?  The Canuck Shaver here. 

I'm here today to talk to you about a company, Barberry Coast, makers of these two amazing products.  First, Havana Aftershave Balm and secondly the Barberry Coast Bay Rum Aftershave No 28. Both absolutely top-notch. Everything about them, from the packaging, the quality of product inside the bottles. Everything about Barberry Coast is top notch in my opinion. 

Love this stuff. I've been using this stuff I think for over a year now. Both are my top: top balm, top after shave. Right up there in my top three to five easily.

Amazing stuff. The first one I want to talk about is we’ll talk about the Havana Aftershave Balm. Havana. When you think of Havana, you think of Cuban cigars and that's pretty much what you get with this. It is a beautiful tobacco scent. Sweet. It’s got coffee, some cocoa and a little bit of vanilla as well. And there's some clove as well, but it’s not that, if you don't like clove, you don’t have to worry about it. I don't find that clove really stands out at all. It doesn't affect the scent. Just to let you know that it is in there. Just a beautiful scent and it’s also a slight menthol kick to it which is great because you can wear this in the summer. I do wear balms in the summer but they don't tend to be like simple like vanilla and tobacco. Usually they're lime but this one you can as it just has a little menthol kick to refresh your skin a little bit but it's not enough that where if you put it on in the winter, you’re going to be, oh, I don’t like menthol in the winter because it's already cold enough outside.

Great stuff and the best part of the actual performance of this stuff is outstanding. The scent lingers for a while. Maybe after a couple of hours, not super strong, but the performance, it moisturizes your skin but it absorbs quickly too, so you know it doesn't leave your skin oily which you don’t want from a balm. I think that's why people avoid balms in the summer because it makes your skin feel oily and heavy. This does not do that. This is absolutely top-notch stuff. I love it. just one of the best smelling balms easily on the market and I'm a balm guy. So I’ve tried quite a few and this one is right up there, paired awesome with any vanilla soaps, any tobacco soaps. It actually pairs well with spice balm.  EDT, any of those with tobacco, anything like that, it's going to go well with, as it’s not strong, it's going to overpower it. It will just add to it. Gorgeous stuff.

Next up, we’re going to talk about Barberry Coast Bay Rum Aftershave. This is the Bay rum that got me into bay rums I tried a bay rum early on in my wet shaving and I didn't really like it. Wasn’t a big fan.  got a bottle of this and I absolutely love bay rum now. All year round, I just love it. Cinnamon, Allspice, bay, clove There's also, the great part of this. It smells like a typical bay rum quite a bit. It’s got that DNA of a great bay rum but it also has some hints of citrus and a little tiny hint of vanilla which is unique to this bay rum which I haven’t smelled in any other ones and it works so well. I actually just put some of this stuff on this morning. Splashed a little bit more on this afternoon because just smells fantastic. Smells classy, yet rugged, masculine. It’ all on my hands and you can smell that, you get a little bit after you, when you first put it on you, get the classic bay rum then after a couple minutes, one it starts drawing down, you get the citrus comes out and the vanilla hints come out and it’s

beautiful. Again pairs well with any kind of bay rum, colognes, or anything like that. Stands alone on its own. Again, you get a couple hours of performance out of it.

What you get from a typical aftershave. Just fantastic products guys. I can't say enough about them.

The guys at Barberry Coast are amazing too. I follow them on Instagram and Facebook. They're always doing giveaways and stuff so by all means give them a follow because they're always doing different stuff on there. They also have a new scent, I believe it’s called, and they have a lavender shave soap, the whole line. Both of these are also available in aftershave. This one is also available in a balm and shaving soaps as well. So check that out.

Again, thanks for tuning in guys. Hope to do some more product reviews for you guys. I thought I’d done one on Barberry coast a while ago. Turns out I haven't and I really should of so I apologize for that. So keep an eye out for more videos, Like and Subscribe if you liked the video. Love hearing your comments down below. Guys, give me some suggestions on what else you'd like to see. Cheers. Have a good day. See you later.

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