Kapalua Bay Eau de Parfum Cologne

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Kapalua Bay Eau de Parfum Cologne

$ 79.95 You Save: $ -79.95 (100%)
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Ian (Naples, Florida)

If you are uncomfortable getting unsolicited surprise compliments don't get this. This cologne has a tendency to entice people to invent reasons to be close to it.

Peter W. (San Bruno, California)
Beautiful pineapple scent

Repeat buyer of this beautiful scent.
Spray some to get an air pocket and then let it breath for a month or two. This really makes a huge difference in the power of the scent.

Ian C.
Please make this a regular!

This is what I imagine the hunter smelled like from the Jumanji movie.

This one is my absolute favorite. I have zero regrets blind purchasing this fragrance, I would repeat with confidence.

Michael P.
Kapalua Bay

I know that you will not post this customer review, but it is done honestly. I think I like the scent. I can barely smell it though, because I am recovering from a vaccine breakthrough COVID infection. I'm out of quarantine, and slowly regaining my sense of smell. I can smell coffee brewing!

Chuck Rukas (Lincoln City, Oregon)
Kapalus bay cologne

I like it, but I like Fume better. Both are very nice.

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