H@VANA Eau de Parfum Cologne

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H@VANA Eau de Parfum Cologne

$ 79.95 You Save: $ -79.95 (100%)
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darren d. (Hagerstown, Maryland)

Fast shipping!
Havana is my favorite scent. I've used for a couple years and get compliments all the time!

John Willard (Hamptonville, North Carolina)
Excellent Fragrance

I love the nostalgic aroma of this Cologne! Best of all, my wife loves it !!!

James Albiston (Salt Lake City, Utah)

Great service, fast shipping. Quality products.

Ian (Naples, Florida)
Never without

I don't know when it became my go to signature but it did and it is. I think this is perfect for my job and an evening out to dinner. It makes it easy to get close to you for sure. This and Bay Rum classic are masterpieces. I love the signature stuff I got too but these are pure gold.

Donald G.
Scents of times past….

Brought me back to a wonderful time in history. Could not be more pleased..

Ian C.
My 2nd favorite!

Huge fan of the products and the bay rum in particular, however the Havana is also on hand I find it fits me quite well!

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