Vesuvio Noir Eau de Parfum Cologne

$ 130.00 You Save: $ -130.00 (100%)

Vesuvio Noir Eau de Parfum Cologne

$ 130.00 You Save: $ -130.00 (100%)
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Guido Iovinella (Albany, New York)
Keep doing what you do!!!!

Love having a second choice with my new cologne purchase. You knocked it out of the park again.

L.C. (Temple, Texas)
Let it Age and "blend"

I followed your directions. This is Fabulous. It works great with my body chemistry. I bought the large bottle and I am thrilled I did. Allen you knocked another home run!!! Great Job. Lanny

Paul Harrold (Charlotte, North Carolina)
Great product

Great smell my girlfriend loves it

Michael (San Antonio, Texas)
Responsive customer service

After I ordered a new scent. I realized when I received it that the bottle was not tightly closed period it had leaked through the packaging period when I presented this issue with customer service, they rapidly address my situation to correct it


Well, Allen has done it again. I love this new scent. I am a fan of his scents. I have followed Tina and Allen for many Years. This has to be one of the best they have created. Keep up the good work. I look forward to their next release. Friends, LannyT

Spencer (Lindon, Utah)
An Enchanting Symphony of Scents: Experience the Captivating Journey of Vesuvio Noir

The cologne is a captivating sensory experience. Its blend of cherry, almond, and saffron creates a harmonious symphony of scents that instantly entices the senses. The cherry adds a touch of fruity sweetness, while the almond provides a comforting and creamy undertone. The exotic saffron adds a layer of intrigue, elevating the fragrance to new heights. With each spray, you embark on an aromatic journey that is both inviting and complex. The cologne's longevity ensures that the captivating scent lingers throughout the day, leaving a lasting impression. It's a truly enchanting fragrance that I wholeheartedly recommend.

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