Bay Rum Eau de Parfum Cologne

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Bay Rum Eau de Parfum Cologne

$ 130.00 You Save: $ -130.00 (100%)
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Robert Keane (Milton, Florida)

Barberry Coast has been a great discovery for me.

Jason M (Denver, Colorado)
Sexy pirate

That’s what my wife calls it. What else do you need to hear?!

Ian (Naples, Florida)
There are many bay rums

There are many Bay Rums, but there can be only one best. This is the best. One sniff tells you this isn't even in the same league as the rest everything about it is clean and authentic no artificial clove-like nonsense, it lasts, and like the rest of the Barberry Coast products it changes over time on your body to become something awesome and unique to you.

Good form

George Walker (Ashland, Massachusetts)
Bay Rum cologne EDP

Lasts all day. Women love it. Great MANLY scent. You won't smell like a boy.Women love the scent! I said it before, but, I want you to know!!!

Bryant Matera (Spotsylvania, Virginia)

Bay Rum Cologne - EDP Exclusive

Kevin Schoofs (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

Bay Rum Cologne - EDP Exclusive

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