Original Collection Eau de Parfum Cologne 10ml - Bundle Pack

$ 96.00 $ 124.75 You Save: $ 28.75 (23.05%)

Original Collection Eau de Parfum Cologne 10ml - Bundle Pack

$ 96.00 $ 124.75 You Save: $ 28.75 (23.05%)
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James Ammons V (La Plata, Maryland)
Standard Sample Pack

I ordered the standard sample pack of the 5 colognes. So far, I thoroughly enjoy the Finca Vigia (so does my wife) and the Kingston (also a favorite of my wife's). I'm still evaluating the Himalayan Accent. It smells good, but I have not found when it smells good and it what type of setting (if that makes any sense). The Havana and Bay Rum are not favorites of my wife. I am still evaluating those. I may have to wait until summer time to see if the scent works better in the warm weather. Overall, I am very pleased with the scents. I can't wait to purchase a spray bottle of the Kingston and Finca Vigia. Everything was received in a timely manner. Ordering was hassle free. I did have one of the colognes leak a little and it was only on the box that it was in. It must have happened during it long track across the country. But the bottle appeared as if it never lost a drop of the cologne, which is great. Overall, I am very pleased with the whole process of my order. Keep up the great work.

Alvin Carter (Waterbury, Connecticut)

Smells great good stuff

Suzanne Sigurdsson (Kopavogur, Capital Region)
Excellent customer service

Always have to deal with international shipping and customs. Allen personally expedited it. My husband likes the products.

Jonathan HOLDEN (Slidell, Louisiana)

Great scents!! Still fairly new to the company and seeing the longevity of their scent collection.

Robert Keane (Milton, Florida)
Totally awesome

Exquisite. No other Bay Rum like it and I’ve tried ‘em all. Best part..this great scent lasts.


Very excellent product.

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