Bay Rum Aftershave Splash No. 28

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Bay Rum Aftershave Splash No. 28

$ 39.00 You Save: $ -39.00 (100%)
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Bosanke (Temperance, Michigan)
Bay Rum Aftershave Splash No. 28 is refreshing as a cool breeze on a Dominican shore!

As far as Aftershaves the Bay Rum Aftershave Splash No.28 is a gentle brace to the face (unless you razor burned yourself, then brace yourself for the next three minutes)! I was highly surprised at the scent. Other comments mentioned too spicy or not balanced. I disagree! It is not a heavy lingering scent but provides a distinguished signature throughout the day, its not a cologne or perfume, so light splashes of water at noon and at 5 seem to reinvigorate the scent nicely. This may well be my new personal signature scent as the 4 oz bottle will be sufficient for 6 months! Well done Barberry Coast!


Really can't say enough about this aftershave. Every woman who has caught the scent can't get enough.

Brian Unruh (Orland, California)

Bay Rum Aftershave Splash No. 28

Nancy Durando (Venice, Florida)
Bay rum

My husband loves this !

James Rowland (Chicago, Illinois)
Love it!!!!!

This is among my favorite bay rum scents. It also seems to have the perfect amount of burn. Not crazy but a good brisk pleasant burn on application

Stephen H Love (North Richland Hills, Texas)
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It does not get any better than that!

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