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    Bay Rum Collection by Barberry Coast Shave Co.

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    859 reviews
    quality and thoughtful company

    Havana is sophisticated mild but noticeable sent for all occasions. The aftershave balm, matches and complements the cologne perfectly.

    quality and thoughtful company

    My girlfriend Tinetta made an order, then I made an order. Then we laughed that whoops we both made an order on the same day.
    Barberry Coast saw the two orders and combined them and saved us on shipping too. Outstanding customer service and high quality products.

    Shave cream

    As the old Brillcream commercial said, "a little dab will do you", this stuff really goes a long way. The aroma is also great and actually more so than the aftershave. Aftershave scents could be a bit stronger.

    Great Product

    Call me old fashion but I love using a razor and especially love your shave creams. Better than anything I’ve used ever!!!

    This is my go to Balm

    Though the face doesn't get shaved... the big bald head needs great products as well. This is my favorite of all shave balms I have tried. Bay Rum with the Bay Rum shave cream is the perfect combination. Love the refreshing feel after my shave and the scent is Fantastic! This is my favorite Bay Rum scent above any other product.