Finca Vigía Eau de Parfum Cologne

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Finca Vigía Eau de Parfum Cologne

$ 79.95 You Save: $ -79.95 (100%)
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David Surch (Laguna Niguel, California)

Finca Vigía Eau de Parfum Cologne

Hannah Dempsey (Grand Prairie, Texas)
Got this for my husband-love it!

I bought this for my husband. Love the smell, smells really good on him. In fact, I thought about keeping it for myself but decided to go ahead and give it to him. 😊

Anthony B. (Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania)
My First Order

Great product: Finca Vigia. What an alluring aroma. Really like it. And their customer service is quick and efficient.

Cynthia Spicer (Elyria, Ohio)
Finca Vigia

I bought this as a gift for my nephew and he really likes it. I love that it’s made in the USA with natural ingredients. He wanted me to buy name brand cologne but I happen to come across this site and I’m so glad because I didn’t want to buy some synthetic chemicals that were made in a country that hates us. I will continue to buy these products. Oh and the product came very well packaged and timely. I also love the personalized note inside.

Michael McDaniel (Leesburg, Virginia)
Great fragrance for men

Finca Vigía is smooth and pleasant. I suppose men and women will like it on a man. It's masculine but not over-the-top masculine. Although you could, don't be concerned that you have to be smoking a pipe and drinking bourbon to wear this. Wear it on a date, a night out, fine dining or a cigar room. It has the slightest musk note, but hardly overpowering. I'd say the vanilla, honey and citrus notes are the most noticeable. I'd wear it most anywhere.

Anonymous (Kirbyville, Missouri)
Bringing it Back

This has been my sons go to for 4 years - scent stays strong with just a small amount applied and he always receive compliments - usually from girls who go on a mission to find out “who smells good” - he never lets the cat out of the bag - it’s more fun watching all the girls go around smelling then, when they find him, he sheepishly grins and says “yeah…. It’s me”

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