How to teach your son to shave

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How to teach your son to shave

Adolescence is such a confusing time of change and adjustment and we have put together a functional guide for teaching your son to shave. We have also included some tips for how to handle discussions around the first shave and how this coming of age event can be a chance for you to bond with your son.

Broaching the subject

Let’s face it, when your son is starting to sprout a beard he will probably be quite sensitive to how you approach the situation. You may even see painful evidence of his trying to shave without your assistance or guidance and that can be a great way to segue into a discussion of how to approach the task. We also recommend offering him a small gift when you feel he is starting to self shave or if he looks like he needs it (might serve as a gentle nudge towards a needed groom). Buying a quality razor and a Gift Set like the ones we offer are a good start. If your son has self-taught and seems to have done a good job, a Gift Set is still a great way to communicate your pride and admiration of his growing up, it also is a great chance to discuss what growing up and becoming a man means.

Setting the scene

Try to find a time that both of you can chat casually and work together. If you are a man then we recommend that you both shave at the same time so that your son can mimic your actions and learn the correct technique to keep your skin healthy and regrowth painless. If you are a mom teaching your son to shave, you could search Youtube for tutorials or guided shaving. Be sure not to put in too much effort or make a huge deal out of it as this will only embarrass him and make it awkward for both of you. 

What you will need

What items you will need to shave for the first time will really depend on his preference. Assemble a variety of shaving options for him to try out. Get a shave soap and brush, get shaving cream that can be lathered in the hands for ease of application. Select a variety of razor types to test and experiment with over the coming weeks. Check out this article on the different kinds of razors that you can use to shave. For a new shaver, we recommend starting with a high-quality disposable razor to start. You will need a basin and recommend you let the water run until it is warm. Have a clean dry towel ready for mess and clean up when you’re done. 

How to shave. 

Firstly, it is recommended to clean your face with a gentle cleanser in warm water. Use a face washer to soak your face with warm water for up to three minutes. At this point, add a pre-shave oil to aid in the lubrication of the face and give a smoother shave.
Apply the preferred shaving cream or soap. Check out how to use a shaving brush here and how to correctly apply shaving cream here. Once the product has been applied, allow it to sit on the face for a minute or so to further soften the hair follicles. 

Wet the razor in warm water and shave with the grain (the direction your hair grows) of your beard or stubble. Use the diagram below to shave sections of your face in the correct direction to shave with the grain.

For a smoother shave, shave gently against the grain after you are completed with the grain. Rinse your face with cold water and gently pat dry. Do not rub at your skin as this will only irritate the skin. 

Your after-shave routine.

Choosing good quality aftershave products is just as important as the choices you make for your shave. A good quality astringent aftershave like our Aftershave Splash range will close the pores and prevent irritation of the hair follicles you have just cut. Apply liberally to your hands and fingertips and pat gently. Some images show men slapping the product into their skin, honestly, it's probably just because there will be a slight sting. Adding a good quality Aftershave moisturizer like our Aftershave Balm range will moisturize the skin and avoid skin irritation which would lead to rashes, breakouts, or ingrown hairs. Apply with your fingertips avoiding your eye area. 

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Reinforce hygiene as a part of a man's grooming routine

Shaving is a part of growing up but so is stepping up your routine for hygiene. Ensure you are cleaning your body daily using soap with loofah or washcloth. Check out our range of Body Washes here. Pay attention to all areas of your body that are covered by your underwear and rinse your washcloth or loofah before moving on to the rest of your body. Apply deodorant in the morning and before you play sports that will get you very dirty or sweaty. We recommend a deodorant in the bathroom as well as in your school or gym bag. Smelling nice is also an important part of your grooming routine, you can explore the scents that you like by selecting our Cologne Sample Pack or by trying colognes at your local department store or pharmacy.

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