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Sample Pack - Shave Creams
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Now available in all 5 scents!

This sample pack contains a .25 ounce of each of all our 5 scents. You'll get an excellent experience with our shave cream. Can be used with or without a shave brush. This is a nice sampling of the different scents we offer here at Barberry Coast including our unscented Kohana.

  • Bay Rum Shave Cream: Our modern twist on that old time favorite that brings back the nostalgia of old school barbershops and grandpa’s shave routine. 
  • Havana Shave Cream: Tobacco leaf, and crushed cocoa beans that is reminiscent of old Havana charm and glamour. Creamy island vanilla laced with natural oils of patchouli and Peruvian clove.
  • Himalayan Ascent Shave Cream: Himalayan Blue Pine & Indian Cedar, cashmere musk & Indian Amber with a refreshing splash of mandarin and a touch of Sandalwood.
  •  Lavender Royale Shave Cream: Masculine, classic scent (not too flowery) and clean with a pleasing herbaceous note.
  •  Kohana Shave Cream - Unscented: Perfect for men with sensitive skin or prefer zero fragrance added.

Size: 0.25 oz each

Type: Shave Cream

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Sample pack

Nice trial size I got 2 shaves ( head and face) from each sample.
I liked all the scents and would purchase any in a larger size.
The after shave splashes we ok. I preferred the lotions better.
The Kohana pre-shave oil is not as " slippery" as some others I've used.
Over all good products, I will purchase again.

Fine Sample of Shave Creams

Good shaving creams with excellent ingredients. I only wish that the lather they had more glide and was thicker.

Very Happy with the Product

I bought the sample pack and am very happy with the product. I wet my face and only use a little bit to shave with, it works great! I'm definitely going to order the non-sample larger size, but it's hard to decide which sent I like best.

Great products, Wish scent was stronger on the Aftershave balms.

I tried the Sample Pack Shave creams and aftershave. I was really wanting to try the Havana and Bay Rum scents. The shave creams did not have to much of a scent to them. The Bay Rum and Accent aftershave lotion had a great scent but did not last too long. The Havana and Lavender scent was hardly there on the balms. Dont know if the lotion is stronger scent because it is not mixed with the balm. Over all great products just wish scent was stronger and lasted longer. I 5 great shaves from each of the scents.

Sample Pack

Find it hard to get a lather built up with a good shave brush

Hi Kenneth! Maybe I help you get a rich, full lather. Just use about the amount of shave cream the size of an almond. Our creams are thirsty. Meaning, you can liberally add water to create a huge amount of lather with very little cream. Using a shave bowl to build the lather you'll add the cream to the middle of your wet brush. work it in a circular motion and back and forth to build the lather. Add water as needed to build the desired amount of lather. Again, the key is to add enough water to build the lather. Hope this helps. Let me know if your experience changes.