H@VANA Aftershave Splash

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H@VANA Aftershave Splash

$ 39.00 You Save: $ -39.00 (100%)
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JLG (Owensboro, Kentucky)
Havana aftershave splash…Excellent!

First time buyer. An excellent smell. My skin feels really good after shaving. I’m so thankful I can buy AMERICAN too…thank you. 🇺🇸

William Lee (Washington, District of Columbia)
Caribbean Breeze

Havana after shave is a great splash of sun and sand, followed by a caress of soothing Caribbean scents .

Cesar Delgado (Chicago, Illinois)
Awesome after shave lotion

Would definitely buy again

Eric Spitz (Holbrook, Massachusetts)

Smells great

mike (Auckland, Auckland)

OMG this stuff is soooo sexy. open the lid and there is a strong smell of vanilla. Even coconut and mint and lime, like a mojito, it smells exactly like Havana. Not that I've ever been there.
Leave it on for a bit and the initial smells disappear leaving a beautiful, powdery smell that makes you feel like a playah.
If you want to smell sexy and classy and festive, this is the one you want.

Very classy ,not sickly or cheap, perfect for warm, balmy, romantic nights, like Havana.
Oh yeah the balm is AMAZING. Soothes better than anything else.

There was a bit of a delay in receiving this product, as I live on the other side of the planet, when it finally arrived I said "This better be worth the wait"

I've tried many balms and this one tops the list.
Thanks Barberry coast, a fantastic product.

Tracy Felton (Zanesville, Ohio)
Havana good

I liked it enough I just bought Bay Rum aftershave,Havana splash,Finca Vigia after shave tonic,Himilayan accent after shave for my son in law because he just started todo his own grooming and I thought he might like it. He is only a few minutes from the company in Scottsdale.I just wished you had the Kingston aftershave in stock so i could try it and he could try it .So far I like the Finca Vigia myself so does my wife thank you for making such a good product.

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