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Nature Isle by Barberry Coast is over all a really amazing. Lasts all day long and is in my top 5. My wife loves it, and people give me lots of compliments on it.


Smells pretty similar to their bay rum which is also pretty awesome. I think initially I gave it 4 stars but I bump it up to a 5 cause after letting it sit for a couple weeks the scent has gotten about an hour stronger. Honestly this, Nature Isle, Bay Rum, and St Lucia to me are few of my favorite scents. I hope after more maturing it will project even stronger and last longer. Now if Barberry could take the top/mid of St Lucia and combine it with the mid/base notes of Nature isle or Bay Rum then damn I might just buy that for life, however I am not a perfumer and know u can't just mix the two and get that so, who knows???? But you can't go wrong with those three. Unless u are into gourmands then there are more gourmand dry down types that Barberry makes also.

Christian (Calgary, Alberta)
The only cologne I have ever liked

I am 33, and have been gifted countless colognes, I have never used one more than once. I got a sample bottle of Nature Isle, and within 5 days bought a full size bottle. This smells perfect.

Cesar Delgado (Chicago, Illinois)
Awesome after shave lotion

Love this Stuff!!


Love the complex blend of fragrances!

Bryan Frazier (Fresno, California)
Love it

I got my bottle of Nature Isle about a week ago and really love the scent. This is my fifth cologne from Barberry and it’s fitting nicely in my rotation.

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