1899 Eau de Parfum Cologne

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1899 Eau de Parfum Cologne

$ 82.00 You Save: $ -82.00 (100%)
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Randall Peake (Knoxville, Tennessee)

Love this scent! I was looking for the Hemmingway products and saw this. Very good. Will get it again. A sample set would be great so we could try them.

Erick Heim

I have tried many EDP’s and to put it bluntly this one does not disappoint! You don’t know me but I’m a connoisseur of fine fragrances and when I tell you women will love this on you rather it be your wife, girlfriend or just a stranger passing by. Keep going strong Barberry Coast, I’ve moved my complete grooming routine to your side and others should do the same!

Matthew Gaudy
Great stuff

I love it

CE Hunt

1899 Eau de Parfum Cologne

Christopher Dorsten
Sweet God Almighty!

Just when you think these colognes can't get any better.... THEY DO! I've tried them ALL and Morocco WAS my favorite so far. This has a similar body as Morocco, but with a sweet twist. Hands down the best cologne I've ever had the pleasure of wearing! It's sad when I have to tell people inquiring that it's probably sold out haha.

Lisa Anderson

Smells great like a classic cologne should

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