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Nature Isle Eau de Parfum Cologne

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The Smell of Nostalgia - We’ve all experienced catching a breeze of a familiar scent and instantly being transported to another place, reminded of other people, or recalled a special time in our lives.  It might take a moment to understand the association, but when it happens, it’s instantly recognizable.

That's what this fragrance does for me. It brings up heart warming and emotional memories of trips to the barbershop with my dad when, after your haircut, the barber would powder your neck and splash on some Bay Rum.  Special moments of standing on a stool next to my dad in the bathroom watching his shaving routine. Ah... fond memories indeed.

Fragrance: This EdP fragrance was formulated with authentic bay and lime essential oils from Dominica, also known as The Nature Isle. This evocative and masculine fragrance blends lime, bay rum, amber, powder, vanilla orchid, musk, tonka bean, spices, and wood nuances.

Masculine, nostalgic and cherished.  

Top Notes: Lime, Bay Leaf, Powder

Middle Notes: Rum, Amber, Tonka Bean

Base Notes: Vanilla Orchid, Musk, Spices and Wood Nuances

Size: 2oz | 60ml
Bottle: Amber Glass Bottle with atomizer sprayer


    Q: Is this fragrance for a man or a woman?

    A: This fragrance smell great on men and women!

    Q: Is this a perfume or cologne?

    A: Actually, it is an Eau de Parfum (EdP). Eau de Parfum is a historically genderless term used to describe both men’s and women’s fragrances.

    Generally, an Eau de Toilette concentration can range between 5% and 12%, while an Eau de Parfum concentration can range between 12% and 18%, although the concentrations of EdT versus EdP can vary.

    EdP contains a higher concentration of essential/fragrance oils than Eau de ToiletteEau de Cologne and Eau de Fraiche.

    In other words, our Eau de Parfum has a higher concentration of fragrance, which results in a longer-lasting and more aromatic application.

    Our eau de parfum contains 12% pure perfume essence and can last for about three to eight hours depending on your skin's chemistry

    Q: What is the best way to apply Barberry Coast fragrances?

    A: The fragrancex website has a great "how-to" on applying fragrances that we've adapted here for our Barberry Coast fragrances.

    1. Apply right after you shower onto dry skin. The shower cleanses your body of any other scents and opens your pores, which helps the scent absorb. Completely dry your skin and then spray.
    2. Hold the spray bottle 3–6 inches from your body. If you hold the bottle any closer you risk over-applying; any further and you will likely under-apply.
    3. Apply cologne to heated areas of your body. The heat helps diffuse the scent throughout the day and allows it to meld with your body chemistry to develop your signature scent. Heated areas include your neck, chest, pulse points, forearms or inner elbows. 
    4. Start with a light application. If you are new to using fragrances do not apply the EdP to all of the aforementioned heated body areas. Choose one area and start with one spray. If you notice that your scent fades quickly, choose another area and spray the fragrance there next time you apply. You might want to ask the opinion of a close friend or family member if the application is appropriate, as you can become nose-blind to scents you wear often.

    Top 3 Common Mistakes in Applying Fragrances

    • Mistake #1: Spraying the fragrance on your clothing. Spraying cologne directly on your clothes prevents it from mixing with your natural oils, which is what gives it its unique quality. This can also prevent the scent from going through its scent stages, rendering the scent flat and monochrome. Finally, spraying a fragrance directly on clothing can be harmful to some fabrics.
    • Mistake #2: Spraying a mist cloud and walking through it. While it may seem like this method prevents over-application, it actually renders the cologne almost useless. The majority of your cologne needs to be placed on your body, and applying cologne this way means most of it ends up on the floor.
    • Mistake #3: Rubbing the fragrance onto the skin. Rubbing the cologne into your skin actually makes the scent fade faster as it breaks the molecular bond in the fragrance. If you’re not going to spray the fragrance then simply dab, but don’t rub.

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