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Not what I expected.

I have looked at Bay Rum after shaves for a while, online mind you, and other than a cheaper brand had not smelled them. This one while having the classic notes of Bay Rum also brought an unexpected complexity. It has subtle notes of tropic scents going on, a decent smell all around.
That said it shines upon application! It feels refreshing instantly with no burn, and dries with a wonderful soothing feel on your face. Will buy again.

Love the Barberry Coast Bay Rum products. And the service is the best!

Bay Rum Delight

First time trying the Bay Rum shave soap from Barberry Coast and I am quite pleased. This is one of the better shave soaps that I’ve used. Looking forward to trying the Kingston next.

Bay Rum Aftershave No. 28

Sample pack aftershaves

Great to have the sample pack to offer. BC shipped very quickly along with a free sample of another item. I was interested in their offerings based on the rave reviews from the DE wetshave community. Their bay rum is top-shelf & I also like the Ascent AS. The Havana is also a well touted scent. All of the products have an excellent skin feel with some longevity. The quantity in each sample will give you plenty of opportunity to make their impression. I will definitely purchase from Barberry Coast again. Thank you for the variety.