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Great shave soap

I have been using their shave soap for a couple years now and they all smell great, are easy to use, and help make a better shave. Ascent is a great soap in their inventory and I will be buying more.

Bay Rum Aftershave Balm Lotion

Lavender Royale

Great product. Love the fragrance. Hope after shave is coming in Lavender Royale.

Great sample

I m glad i got the sample before ordering a 120.00 kit that i would not have liked. I was going to order the bay rum kit (never having tried bay rum) but decided to get the sample first. When i recieved the kit i smelled all of the fragrances and bay rum was the only one i did not care for. The other 3 i really loved. Now i m going to have to eventually get them all. So i went from spending 120.00 to who knows how much because i will probably get a cologne or 2 also.

Amazing preshave oil

Love how it works with the shave soap for a really close, comfortable shave.