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Give the man in your life the special gift of Barberry Coast's Bay Rum No. 28 Aftershave, Havana Aftershave Balm and Ascent Shave Soap. He'll cherish this gift and more importantly... he'll cherish you.

There is a real resurgence among today's gentlemen to get back to standards that have significance. Classic wet shaving is one of those standards. It's making a resurgence not just because it's provides the best shave results. Yes, it's a cleaner and closer shave but it's the experience that's most important to us.

In this crazy, hectic, turned upside down world we've forgotten how to slow down and enjoy a moment.
Classic wet shaving is a lost art but is so worthwhile getting to know it.
You're not just giving the man in your life a luxury gift... You're giving him an experience. An experience he'll look forward to instead of dreading.
Traditional wet shaving is a ritual that relaxes his mind, soul and body.
It's his own time. A time carved out just for him.
Your gift will make him feel masculine. Confident. Worthy. Rejuvenated. Refreshed. A gift that truly keeps on giving long after Valentine's Day.
Help the worries of his world to melt away… if only for a few moments each day.
Escape to Barberry Coast. A place he belongs.
This Gift Set includes:
1. Bay Rum Aftershave No. 28
Each bottle of Bay Rum Aftershave is handcrafted with the finest and purest ingredients.

We carefully and painstakingly age our bay rum a minimum of 30 days.

We do this to insure a complete blending and total harmony of the all-natural oils, extracts and absolutes. The result is a superior aftershave with an amazing scent that instantly awakens your senses with a crisp burn that quickly diminishes and leaves your skin refreshed, moisturized and toned.
2. Havana Aftershave Balm
Enter a seductive, exclusive world of members only night clubs with this intoxicating blend of opulent tobacco leaf, and crushed cocoa beans that is reminiscent of old Havana charm and glamour.

Creamy island vanilla laced with natural oils of patchouli and Peruvian clove leaf add a touch of spice and mystery to this gentleman fragrance that won't leave that special someone unaffected.
3. Ascent Luxury Shave Soap
A shave scent full of character that blends with warm heart of exotic woods - Indian Cedar and Himalayan Blue Pine, cashmere musk and Indian Amber with a refreshing splash of mandarin. A reverent nod to the old time tradition of mug and brush shaving, this moisturizing shaving soap creates a rich lather to soften the beard for a smooth, close shave.

Rich, Thick, Creamy Lather For a Smooth and Irritation Free Shave Every Time. Experience The Most Enjoyable Shave.
This Gift Set comes in a black box displayed in quality red crinkle paper and tissue paper. Perfect gift presentation for that special man.

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Excellent lather!

Bay Rum has a nice mellow scent, not overpowering. I will be a repeat customer for sure!

Great shave soap, classic scent

This was the 1st shave soap I bought from Barberry Coast, and I have been hooked ever since. Classic bay rum scent, build a thick leather that gives a smooth, clean shave. I have since purchased all of their shave soap scents. A great company that has wonderful products and customer service. Highly recommended.

More than I expected

I had gotten the aftershave sample pack to make my choice. Settling on the Bay Rum, decided to go the distance. Not disappointed. There seems to be a little more alcohol sting than in the sample bottle, which I fully appreciate. This is going to be my Sunday aftershave...

Love it! As good as Royall Bay Rhum.


This smells very nice not feminine at all.