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Common Chemicals in Your Aftershave is Killing Your Man Parts.

Common Chemicals in Your Aftershave is Killing Your Man Parts.

by Allen Crawley July 30, 2015

Could it be true that many popular and well-known personal care products on the market today contain chemicals so harmful they prematurely kill off cells in your testicles?

You bet it is!

It’s not just aftershave that contain these nasty chemicals. They can actually be found in...

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Some of the best shave soap I have ever used!

I have used quite a few different brands, and styles of shave soap over the years that I have been shaving, and this is hands down some of the best shave soap that I have ever used. It produces a very thick lather, and gives an amazing cushion to my razor. It also smells incredible. The scent is not super strong, but it lingers for a bit after shaving, and it is hands down one of the best Bay Rum scents I have smelled. I would completely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a shave soap.


Really good stuff! Great manly smell.
Well worth a few more bucks.
Use sparingly-lasts a long time.

Bay Rum Aftershave no.28

I love this product!
Good customer service to Finland, thank you.

Pat DiCesare

Your stuff is great. Do you make hair shampoo- bay rum?

Hands Down the BEST Bay Rum Soap

If you love Bay Rum, as do I, look no more. Its doesn't get any better than this soap.