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Military Discounts Now Available!

by Allen Crawley May 30, 2017

Military Discounts Now Available!

Well, actually, we've always offered military discounts for those that inquired. We just never officially/publicly offered them as we had no way of verifying whether one was military or not.

We recently came across a military ID verification service and was pleased to learn that it could be seamlessly integrated with our checkout process.

Who qualifies?

Active Duty, Retirees, Veterans, Reserve/National Guard

How much is the discount?

20% OFF for military and veterans!

How does it work?

You would shop our site, add your products to the cart and then visit your cart. Once there you will see a blue button labeled "Military Discount". Click that button and a popup will appear. Follow that instruction and we'll be able to provide instant verification of military and veterans. You save 20%.

See screenshots below for visual walk-thru of the process:

military discount


Click Military Discount button on your shopping cart page.

The above pop up will appear. You can choose to sign in with Facebook, Google or Create an account.


You'll then see the above screen. Follow the instructions on this screen and each screen thereafter. You'll have two options to verify.

  1. Provide your military .mil email address OR
  2. Upload a valid military document (option 2 can take up to an hour for verification).

Once you have been verified you'll receive a 20% off discount code you'll use at checkout. It's best to copy and paste the code directly into the "Gift card or discount code" box, then click the "Apply" button.

If you have any questions or need more clarification please reach out to us on our contact page or toll free at 1-877-210-9333.

Thank you for your service. We appreciate you more than you'll ever know.

Allen Crawley

Founder, Barberry Coast Shave Co.

Allen Crawley
Allen Crawley


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1020 reviews

Great product, with a wonderful scent, and excellent customer service are a winning combo !

I’m totally hooked

I switched from old-fashioned foam to Barberry cream about a year and a half ago and I will never go back. I use the small sample containers for travel and absolutely love it! I just reordered and my shipment came super fast. Couldn’t be happier.

Phenomenal shave cream if you want a silk like shave. You must try this. HENRY

Returning Customer

This is not really a traditional Bay Rum scent but I have received only positive comments about the scent. I use it as an after shave so the spray top is inadequate. I have removed it an use my finger on the top to drip out the amount I need. Perhaps you could design/add a shaker top as an alternate to the spray top.

Best bay rum cologne

Ever since my go to bay rum started to cause a skin rash (too much clove, something in the water??), after several other bay rums, i decided to give Barberry Coast Bay Rum AS & cologne a try. Living in northern climes, i like bay rum in the winter for its' spicey scent. Barberry Coast has proven to be the best not only for its' incredible scent but also for its' skin toning properties in cold weather. I have found my new bay rum. Even though it is a bit pricey, I find the quality to be worth the extra $$$ and both AS and cologne have staying power thru the day.

Service from Sarah was excellent and quite speedy. Highly recommend buying direct.

Oh, and why bay rum in winter? Because i want to be transported to the tropics and in the summer, i am a menthol junkie. LOL!